Avinash Kaushik: how digital marketers can maximize economic value at SES Toronto 2012

Mike Grehan, Incisive Media, interviews Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, about how marketers should be understanding metrics from hits to conversions. Avinash says when marketers are reporting on impressions or clicks it’s akin to shouting out to people. But the problem is that this “screaming” is inadequate when it comes to reporting on the quality of the data. The most important metrics to be evaluated according to Kaushik, for example, are what did the visitor do after the first click, did they stay on site, did the visitor provide any economic value? It’s not just about shouting but getting people to the right place, retain them, make them happy, get conversions and get reconversions. Omniture, Google’s analytics, Yahoo’s analytics, are all great examples of software that now measure this type of user behavior and outcomes. 02:30 Avinash talks about the vast volumes of data that are being generated on a daily basis and what must be sifted through in order to make sense of the most important metrics to be valued. Avinash likes to follow a clean structure. To solve the dilemma of too much data, Avinash created a digital marketing measurement model. The idea of this model is you start to identify a business objective, then goals, then KPI’s and then targets. Every report should focus on presenting end to end metrics on one report, such as acquisition, outcome and behavior. The second report should be optimized for owned, earned, and paid media
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