Avoiding AdSense Click Fraud

Here’s the link to report click fraud www.google.com
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  1. Peg Innam says:


  2. Peg Innam says:

    thank you honey, this video helped me out alot, new to youtube :)

  3. hijimmyc says:

    You would think Google would simply ignore click boming from the same ip. I have read that’s what some of the adsense alternatives do. Unfortunately the adsense alternatives aren’t as good as adsense.

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  15. Lorretta Leggett says:

    Lisa,I am new and I agree with you 100 percent of what you are telling us and yes I will watch more of your links

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  19. nery colon says:

    i’m new at this and just learning. i apreciate that you are helping the new comers. i am going to take your advise. thank you and will be seeing more of your videos

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