Awaken the Light Within through Meditation

Awaken the Light Within through Meditation
Event on 2013-07-10 12:00:00

The Light Within each one of us has been described in detail not only by people who have had a Near Death Experience but also by meditators. Saints & Mystics say, we do not need to go through the trauma to see the light within, it can be awakened within through a simple practice of Jyoti Meditation. See how, in this practical presentation by Dr. Andrew Vidich a meditator, author and renowned speaker for 40 years. For those seeking further or deeper understanding of meditation please see recommendation below.Location: 3900 Yupon St , , Houston TX 77006 Ph: 713.524.9839Register HereRecommendation: We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and the advanced series “Be the Master of Your Self” on Saturday July 13th 2:00pm at University of St. Thomas Anderson Hall Room 103, 3900 Montrose Houston, Texas 77006About Speaker:  Dr. Andrew Vidich

Dr. Andrew Vidich is an author, educator, international speaker, and editor of more than five books. His books include Love is a Secret (1990), critically acclaimed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences which stated that “it provided a great service to readers interested in the deeper dimensions of mystical love.” He has co-edited a collection of writings of the twentieth century Spiritual Saint, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji entitled, The Spiritual Path: An Anthology of the Writings by Sant Kirpal Singh. He co-authored The Heart of the Healer, an investigation into the nature of healing (1987). The Sufi Method of Self-Transformation, in Classical Islam excerpted sections (Islamic Supreme Council Press) and contributor to The Heart of Healing, edited by Dawson Church, (Elite Books). Most recently he has authored Light upon Light: 5 Master Pathways to Awaken the Mindful Self. (Elite Books). Dr. Vidich has been an adjunct assistant professor of religion at Manhattan College in Riverdale NY and at Iona College in New Rochelle where he has taught courses in the nature and experience of religion, meditation, death and dying and Islamic studies. He is also a Literacy Coach, and Senior Advisor at Repertory High School for the Theatre Arts in New York City.

Dr. Vidich holds degrees in music (B.A.) Comparative Mythology and Religion, (M.A.) Education (M.S.) and a Ph.D. in Religion from Bernelli International Graduate School (2000).

Dr. Vidich is a member of the board of directors of the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, Public Relations Coordinator and chair of the Programming Committee in Amityville New York. He has been studying meditation for 35 years under the guidance of three world renowned Meditation Masters including His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Sant Darshan Singh Ji, acclaimed mystic poet and currently studies under the guidance of His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj a world renowned Spiritual Master and head of Science of Spirituality.Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

at Rothko Chapel
3900 Yupon St.
Houston, United States

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