AXA PPP Launches New Nutrition and Fitness Site

(PRWEB) April 12, 2007

AXA PPP healthcare have launched a new Nutrition and Fitness site, to provide help for anyone looking for healthy living advice.

The new site has been made accessible through the main AXA PPP healthcare homepage and provides a variety of information available for different lifestyles aimed to suit almost everyone’s needs.

Each of the main sections of the site discuss different aspects of living a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Eating ( ) – You are what you eat! – This section aims to help consumers develop a more positive attitude towards healthy eating. There are profiles to help match different criteria with lifestyles and online resident dietary health expert, Azmina Govindji, is available to provide some top tips as well as answering specific questions asked by the public.

Healthy Mind ( ) – Positive Mental Attitude! The Healthy Mind part of the site is there to help users achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with all the pressures of the 21st century. Nina Puddefoot is available to provide expert advice, along with a profile section which has been created to help make the advice more relevant to users and their individual personality.

Healthy Fitness ( ) – Be Active! In this section, AXA PPP aim to keep users up to date with all the latest news and feature from the world of fitness, in order to aid with tackling the common fitness myths and fads. Lucy Wyndham-Read, a qualified personal trainer, provides online updates covering the fitness world, along with exercise tips to suit people from all walks of life.

AXA PPP has developed profiles within each section to help users identify current eating habits, level of fitness and psychological health. These are designed to help determine the steps people can take to improve their current lifestyle, whether they are a couch potato, an exercise addict or just somewhere in between. Alternatively, there is always the fruit and veg Sudoku to try a hand at!

Each of the health sections has its own online expert dedicated to providing help and information. There will also be live web chats held each month with one of the experts, who will provide advice on the chosen subject and answer questions submitted via the website. All visitors are free to submit their questions, and visit the Nutrition and Fitness site to see what the next month’s topic is.

There is also a selection of health related videos which can be viewed via the site or, alternatively, download as a health podcast ( ) to be viewed on an iPod whilst on the move. (Apple iTunes is required to use this feature).

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