B2B Sales Tune-up

B2B Sales Tune-up
Event on 2016-06-09 09:30:00
The B2B (Business to business) sales process can be complex and time consuming.  Many small businesses find that their efforts to manage a sale with any medium to large sized organization falters and stalls.  In this session we will help you understand how large organizations buy, how to identify key sales personas (champions, influencers, supporters, detractors, etc), and how to tailor your sales pitches, processes, and proposals for each of these audiences.  We will teach you how to speed up the sales process, and what to do when the process stalls.    You will be able to work through your individual b2b sales challenges and tune-up your strategy.  What you should bring or prepare for the session: 1. Your Value Proposition 2. Your Target Customer Profile 3. Your Average / Typical Selling Price 4. Your Close Ratio 5. Your Sales Goals 6. Your Best Customer Win so far   About the Presenter: Kevin Smith,   Kevin Smith is a Story Architect.  As the Chief Story Architect for, Kevin helps start-ups, small businesses, and social enterprises unleash their story to secure customers and investors, by helping them understand what their core customer story is and then helping them get their story to market.  His services include branding, messaging, marketing strategy, SEO, Content and Social Media marketing, presentation and pitch design, web design, lead generation, sales coaching and business development.  Before launching, he rocked sales and marketing at Dell for 14 years, made thousands of presentations, ran for political office and managed a gadget addiction. For more information, call us at (905) 668-4949 or email      

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