B2Web Launches 43 Minute Local Business Website SEO Video

(PRWEB) March 20, 2013

B2Web’s 43 minute instructional video profiles 2 real local business websites that are currently ranked number 1 in Google for several local search terms.

The video steps viewers through an analysis of live top ranking local websites revealing exactly how the sites are structured and created so that they rank at the top of the search engines

The 2 top ranking sites are not fancy and they’re not large “authority” websites. They’re 4 and 6 page websites build with WordPress that any business owner can build within one or two days.

The instructional video reveals that ranking a local business at the top of the search engines isn’t an accident. In fact, it can be achieved methodically and systematically with proper website structure, content, navigation and layout. Off-site SEO methods revealed as well.

The video is not based on hypethetical situations or theory. Instead, the video uses real live top ranking sites to teach the methods used to rank the websites.

Get instant access to B2Web’s free local business website SEO video at http://products.btwoweb.com/local/.

Visit B2Web at http://www.btwoweb.com.

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