Baby do Brasil

Baby do Brasil
Event on 2015-08-17 22:30:00
After the huge success of Baby do Brasil sold out concert last year at the Blue Note Jazz Club, NY , she is back for two amazing shows. For tickets: Baby do Brasil is considered one of the biggest Brazilian singers, and a music legend who has been revolutionizing the history of the Popular Brazilian Music (MPB). Baby is famous for her soft, indescribable and unique voice, and strong rhythmic versatility not only in her ballads but also in her electric songs. The success of her lyrics, like in “Sem Pecado e Sem Juízo”, “Cósmica”, “Telúrica” among many other ones, and interpretations of other artist’s songs like in “Menino do Rio” (Caetano Veloso), “Brasileirinho” (Waldir Azevedo), “Todo Dia Era Dia de Índio” (Jorge Ben Jor), among others, put her on the mainstream audience nationally and internationally. She deservingly earned the recognition of specialized critics.  After her performance in LA, she was featured in The Los Angeles Times saying that “She has the fury and the fire of the Latin Janis Joplin”.        

at Blue Note
131 W Third Street
New York, United States

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