'Bachelor' Power Rankings: Who's the Most Dateable After Episode 2?

'Bachelor' Power Rankings: Who's the Most Dateable After Episode 2?
She was sour throughout the cocktail party until her one-on-one time with Sean, when she turned on like a smiling, wide-eyed Bachelor robot. It has the early makings of a Fatal Attraction-y type deal. 10. Daniella, The "The Hades" Girl Not everyone is …
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Consumer Electronics Show 2013
They ignored the crowds leering and snapping photos, barely blinking, and didn't interact with any booth visitors. Perhaps Hyper should have been housed in the robot section of the CES floor. The company responded to the online backlash with a blog …
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Daft Punk 101: Photographic History
In the feature, they explain their new-found robot concept: "On September 9th, 1999, at midnight, we were making music and there was a big explosion. That was the last thing we remember. We woke up with many people reconstructing us. Now we express …
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