Backwards Rationalization in Gaming (Razer Academy, uploaded due to popular demand)

Tania’s new project: LIVE NOW (7-11PM CET officially but we tend to stream until 1AM-4AM) Operation ShareCraft: Razer Academy In neuroscience, backwards rationalization has been studied by looking at, among other things, the mechanisms at the heart of memory reconsolidation: music: Satellite – Professor Kliq
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  1. well I think he does that to´╗┐ his older videos to acquire some audience if you’ll look up his older videos you’ll see it’s just trolling and funny stuff. I too was surprised by the changes everything begins to make sense lately haha it’s always nice to see things change

  2. what he says is kinda legit and true though ­čśŤ even if he’s overrated, he seems to underestand´╗┐ the game mechanics and how everything works around in LOL

  3. I think this is´╗┐ totally correct but a lot of the time it’s hard to know what you are doing wrong when you are not doing great, it’s knowing how to improve which is the most important thing after this.

  4. Athene I will give you props on the “Backwards Rationalization” advice! 1st for your´╗┐ Records on world first fact’s one your in EU and have 8-10 advance on anyone in the US. 2nd is it’s quite handy when you have 100 pallies killing´╗┐ the stuff for tagging targeting mobs for easy exp or exploiting stuff that was missed by Blizzard. Having huge set of Fan Boi’s always helps getting your name every where. Like you did with the Unholy grail with riot having your fans make smurf’s accounts!

  5. first of all, ALL i was doing was perfect. I ganked as´╗┐ much as possible, it’s not my fault i got the kills, believe me, i tryed leaving kills, and 12 of my six kills were solo. and yeah, i’m not good enough to carry a whole retarded team, against a full 5 people fed team. sorry i can’t do that. I started doing more ranked since that game, duo ofc, and i got to 1500 elo and got down a bit cause of two unfortuanate games. prooving i’m not supposed to be at 1200 elo. and yes, in all those gmaes,

  6. I’m the only one´╗┐ that buys wards, pushes lanes, protects lanes when a tower is being attacked, I always lead the team, initiate battles and counter initiate.

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