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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 29, 2012 continues to be a top website for bad credit loans aggregation. The U.S. based service announces that its new service has been made even faster and easier for all applicants to use from the comfort of their home or office computers. The system changes were the result of feedback from customers who wanted an even faster experience.

A spokesperson for made the announcement. is happy to share details of its new and improved loans comparison service for people with lower credit ratings. We have fine-tuned the aspects of our service that ensure the swiftest and easiest experience for applicants. These improvements are due to the feedback we received from our users and we believe that these changes will lead to a large number of visitors to our website finding the right lenders in under a few minutes of completing the online application.

Our one hour approval service has been revamped. It is now well-oiled and even faster than before. What makes it even better now is that there are more U.S. online lenders on standby to review applications the instant they are submitted. What stays the same is the confidential, credit-check free promise we make to all applicants who will be treated with fairness and equanimity regardless of their credit backgrounds.

The spokesperson shared details of how the input from users played a pivotal role in the system improvements. was pleased with the speed and accuracy of its loan comparison service, but like any competitive, customer service based platform, we need to always ensure we meet the needs of our users. They told us they want a faster service and a lot more choice. Regarding their first request, with other services offering loan matching and lenders giving approval in a couple of hours, we learned from customers that we needed to stay ahead of the game. One hour is the maximum amount of time approval will take, but it can take less time in many cases.

The spokesperson explained that the second request from customers was trickier to implement.

The second request was for more choice. We are not lenders and have no control over the rates that lenders set for borrowers. However, we gave it careful consideration and realized the best way to give prospective borrowers a greater breadth of bad credit loan options was to increase our search for reliable lenders who specialize in this industry. Thats what we did, and we feel that our service offers the best of both worlds fast and quality access for borrowers with increased approval rates.

When asked to explain how it was able to offer a sometimes-less-than one hour turnaround time from application to approval, answered, By working with a growing network of lenders who are just as committed to offering a reliable and quick service to applicants, we can ensure that we have great lender relationships that lead to faster approval times for borrowers.

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