Badminton World Magazine – 2011 Episode 1

Badminton World Magazine Show Episode: 1 Tournament name: Proton Malaysia Open 2011 Date of tournament: 18th — 23th January 2011 Tournament city: Kuala Lumpur Featured players: Chen Jin, Marc Zwiebler, Taufik Hidayat

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16 Responses to Badminton World Magazine – 2011 Episode 1

  1. YutubeSEO says:

    This is so good to watch

  2. YutubeSEO says:

    This is so good to watch

  3. daniswan says:

    Gill Clark – in my opinion is the best commentator in world badminton. hands down.

  4. FateGuardX says:

    zulfadli zulkifli still have time to improve

  5. FateGuardX says:

    malaysia still has hope… now we still have chong wei feng and daren liew to takeover chong weis place. chong wei still may play for next olympics. have to believe in them!!

  6. vivek65522 says:

    i always imagined gill to be young.. :(

  7. tuuZhao says:

    Badminton Association of Malaysia Sux. We have Lee Chong Wei, and nobody else..

  8. soumig1 says:

    Gill Clark looks WAY different then I thought she would look like :) On the whole an awesome video, but I wish I could have seen more of Lin Dan :(

  9. TheVidzgamez73 says:

    it feels weird to actually see gill clark’s face after getting used to just hearing her voice……….

  10. zzronn says:

    OMG Badminton now have a Magazine Video…This is Great!!!!

  11. YeeLer says:

    gill clark is great!

  12. TheClintEastwood1930 says:

    Lin Dan is pure class, great show though and gill clark is a great commentator

  13. yonx007 says:

    now i know your name and face gill clark keep up the good work

  14. soulfuluniverse says:

    Excellent video. I hope there will be more of these in the future to promote the sport!

  15. wuzman7 says:

    what happened to lin dan?

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