Badminton World Magazine – 2012 Episode 7

The Badminton World Magazine Show has returned to 2012 with a new flavour! Besides featuring on-court action and off-court interviews, get ready for the 2012 edition to take you up-close and personal with some of the badminton stars on tour!

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13 Responses to Badminton World Magazine – 2012 Episode 7

  1. Samuel Kirk says:

    Badminton. No sport comes close!

  2. trofl0lol0lolol0lol says:

    and London games proved that she is an olympic champsion, problem?

  3. Ram Kumar says:

    China masters have proved that li xuerui is nothing other than a show off girl

  4. Ram Kumar says:

    Ha ha … The one who escaped the court is needed to be mentioned here. I think if xin . have had played the second set, i dont know may be saina would have made her to run in such a way, she might have needed a knee replacement surgery. She acted nicely and escaped the court and also from saina. Li xuerui got beaten by a youngster from india in her home nation. What a pity. She went away.

  5. nosybummer says:

    lets not forget the fact that saina beat li xi rui in Indonesian open final

  6. Muhamad Abdul Rosid says:

    ignore that guy. useless.

  7. Vincent Chen says:

    The summary of the Olympics: China triumphs over all losers. One loser managed to sneak out of the Wembley Arena with a bronze medal that is Nehwal.

  8. ankit raj says:

    thats the reply that dumbass needed. all hail saina!

  9. Ram Kumar says:

    You idiot. Who called you to come and criticize a player who had proved in international arena. Not like robots from china.They dont know anything except chinese language and badminton school. We dont have any system or anything. All individuals come by their own interests and they are showing this much improvements and that itself is a great achievement. You dumb. Shut your mouth or else we will make you to shut up. Just listen what players are telling. Otherwise leave this video and get out.

  10. Vincent Chen says:

    China is the current holder of Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, Five World Championships and Five Olympic Gold. No country can come close to that. Chinese players are the best. End of story. All these interviews with non-Chinese players are bullshit when they achieve nothing close to the Chinese. Ridiculous.

  11. Shuffleking74 says:

    Yay to the Federer nod.

  12. themushroomman1212 says:

    My bad. I use iPad and there isn’t any way for me to see the playlists posted on any channel.

  13. SpazldNinjaDude says:

    The criticizing thing is just journalists, they are stupid and just ignore them anyone.

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