Bald Eagle + Megazilla

Bald Eagle + Megazilla
Event on 2012-12-29 21:30:00

Supporting Acts: Jack Buck

Bald Eagle

BALD EAGLE is a band from Columbia, Mo, they started in 2003. They played their last show in July of 2009. Sometime in the summer of 2012 they decided to start playing together again. Ex- members of Amputee Set, Subscribe, The One Inch Punch, Souls, Carry On Killaway, Quatermast Wind, The Foundry Field Recordings etc. etc. Currently members play in Coward and New Tongues. BALD EAGLE are a strange and mysterious brew who's brand of rock madness is practically unmatched by any bands hailing from the big city. They play fast, guitar driven, musical equivalents of muscle spasms or brain aneurysms, one might equate to the groundbreaking sounds of Swing Kids or Nation of Ulysses. Some might call this, just not givin' a f*ck. Still others might see this as a dizzying assault of technicality and full frontal nudity. BALD EAGLE are fans of, and draw influences from, indie-punk stars Drive Like Jehu and Hoover, and 70's psychedelic legends Deep Purple and Yes. Most songs coalesce with mixtures of improvisational jazz and European hardcore (see the Refused / JR Ewing) and whose subject matter include things like cobras, eating pizza, fear of sharks, The Princess Bride, transvestites, and shady, creepy people. What's more, BALD EAGLE seriously like ripping-it live. Past performances include dates w/ !!!(chk,chk,chk), 1905, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Apes, Ari Ari, Ad Astra Per Aspera, August Burns Red, Beauty Pill, Bright Calm Blue, Balloons (from Japan), The Bronx, Cursive, Call Me Lightning, Cadence Weapon, Chariots, Captured By Robots, Camp Climax For Girls, Deerhoof, Eagle Seagull, Every Time I Die, Electric Eel Shock (from Japan), The Foundry Field Recordings, Gentleman Auction House, Get Rad, Haram, Haymarket Riot, Holy Fuck, Hitch (from Belgium), The Human Abstract, Jumbling Towers, Latterman, Megazilla, Mt. St. Helens, New Black, Oh No! Oh My!, Pixel Panda, The Paperchase, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Riddle Of Steel, Red Light Sting, Saviours, The Show Is The Rainbow, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, So Many Dynamos, Stick To Your Guns, Sweetheart, Sinkane, The Thieves (from England), Tornavalanche, Temper Temper, Warhammer 48k, and White Rabbits.


Reawakened. Slowly now, we're timid. .. .. "MEGAZILLA…put most of the recent rudderless post-rock and stoner bands to shame… nimble, tumultuous drum crashes….stirring slacker vocals and nimble bass rifferama. THE MELVINS and LIGHTNING BOLT are two quality bands. If you dig 'em, let MEGAZILLA kick you in the teeth for thirty minutes."-album review on .. .. "The most impressive thing about Megazilla's performance was the amount of people who were captivated by their show. during the quiet parts of songs there was not a single voice. All eyes were on these two creating a great warm up for the eventual headliners Mastodon." -Show review by Billy Schu of Foundry Fielding Recordings.. .. "I had organs rattling that I didn't know existed!" -Adam Powers. .. .. "MegaZilla: The first band to make me stuff paper towels in my ears, ever! Good Shit!!" -Wipey .. ..Vox Magazine's MegaZilla write up, get your dictionary..! .. Article!.. .. ..MegaZilla Lowdown..! .. ..Write up in Austin..! .. ..Show review with Mastodon!.. .. ..Brief show review on!

at Mojo’s
1013 Park Avenue
Columbia, United States

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