Bamboo Nutra Opens Up Latin America and Adds 4th Stop to the ‘Purity of Life Tour’

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

Health and lifestyle conglomerate Bamboo Nutra is pleased to announce a calculated expansion of operations into the Spanish speaking nations. The Companys expansion is largely spurred by the sheer size and profitability potential of the Latin America regions. Home to several of the top-ranked countries in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry and with a combined population estimated at nearly 600,000,000 people, the Company views Latin America as an invaluable market addition and a key component to its international growth strategy.

After carrying out substantial market assessments and distribution networking, the Company has been approached by several prominent Latin American Direct Sales Distributors and Management Teams capable of triggering the movement of approximately 10,000 Independent Distributors for relocation under the Bamboo Nutra umbrella once the launch and transition is complete. The Company feels that a movement of this nature will not only give them immediate brand recognition throughout the Latin American Market, but also will nourish additional operational markets and stimulate an exponential growth in sales.

Bamboo Nutra will be heading up their Latin American division and housing an operations office in Cancun, Mexico. Additionally, in order to streamline their progression into Latin America, the Company has also added Cancun as a vital event location to the much-anticipated Purity of Life Challenge Tour scheduled for launch in 2014. Cancun will now serve as the launching point and first stop of the Purity of Life Tour, which will subsequently be followed by events in Los Angeles California, Sydney Australia, and conclude in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Regarding the expansion, a Company spokesperson stated, In general, when you think about a typical product launch into a new market words that come to mind are; challenging, prolonged, tedious, just to name a few. In our case, weve definitely bypassed these downfalls. Weve spent substantial amounts of time on the ground throughout Latin America establishing our framework and opening up communication with strategic partners. The arrangements and associations weve established to date will really allow us to hit the ground running and avoid the typical post-launch down time experienced while both a Company and brand take hold. We are expecting a massive wave of Independent Distributors to come on board immediately following our (Latin American) launch, and we see our operations there (Latin America) as a tremendous asset to the overall growth and performance of the Company.

About Bamboo Nutra LLC

Bamboo Nutra is a global Health Supplement and Lifestyle Company, focused on promoting the positive benefits associated with natural bamboo silica and healthy lifestyle options. The company is established around the philosophy that “nature is life, and was built on the principle that ingredients created from nature are the foundation of improved mental and physical wellbeing.

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