Bang Your Own Drum.

(PRWEB) July 31, 2002

Bremerton, WA – Many people these days are setting up web sites. They have a great idea or product that they believe in and want to share it with others. They organize their thoughts and translate them into web pages ready to publish on the Internet. The day comes when their web site goes live and its proud owners sit back, waiting for the appreciation of their work to start.

We have found that getting your site on the Internet is just a start and its success hinges on many factors including its visibility. A website must be found on the Internet and seen by others so that its worth may be recognized. The webmaster must take steps to make their site known by submitting it to search engines to gain visibility.

CBLJ Company offers free web site promotion open to the general public. Web site owners can visit our site and submit their web site to major search engines without obligation or cost. The search engine submission page can be found at

CBLJ Company is an independent; family owned and operated business located

in the Pacific Northwest. CBLJ Company through its site,,

provides web hosting and domain name registration. We have packages suited

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