bangla beby (LOKMAN_ES@YAHOO.ES )

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21 Responses to bangla beby (LOKMAN_ES@YAHOO.ES )

  1. TheCHARZAN says:

    Ouch Charlie ha ha Charlie bit me why were you giggling he bit you dont be stuipid

  2. Semra Kavcan says:

    hahahaha sooo súß

  3. stefan nikolic says:

    ur süß <3 <3 <3

  4. d7oome11223344 says:

    والله يضحكون عيال كلب

  5. d7oome11223344 says:

    love you

  6. nick touris says:

    true.true it looks lie he’s a murderer or serial killer or something!!!

  7. florianegranwd76 says:


  8. jamzie27 says:

    This is really funny

  9. Laker Steeler says:

    Copyright law,this should be removed.

  10. 96teghan says:

    I love this video

  11. DuubstepMasters says:

    NEW SKRILLEX!! MUST WATCH!! /watch?v=gFDzJfafiV­Q

  12. hiroyoshi0309 says:


  13. Eisblume313 says:

    Ahhhhhhh- Ohhhhhhhhh Autsch- Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuutsch

  14. Dsiwarper says:

    This should be removed for copyright

  15. profadejan says:

    dečica su super

  16. profadejan says:

    dječica su super

  17. coolbeansbro424 says:

    fail. why would u take a video that’s not yours u cheap

  18. TheWildPro says:

    the boy is silly … It happens in the right that he has bitten him

  19. danielqzl1 says:


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