Bangladesh prevents publication of pro-opposition daily

Bangladesh prevents publication of pro-opposition daily
With rising political tensions, strikes and deadly protests, the circulation of Amar Desh has increased six-fold in recent months to more than 200,000 daily and it is now one of the most visited Bangladeshi news websites. Copyright © 2013 AFP. All …
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'hopefully Anne Frank would have been a belieber'
Anne Frank's diary, an account of her life in hiding, is one of the most popular and moving personal narratives of Jewish life in Nazi-occuped Europe. The family, which went into hiding in 1942, was betrayed after two years. Anne died aged 15 in the …

The One College Expense You Forgot To Factor In
This will help narrow down the number of visits. —Take advantage of the virtual tours most schools offer on their websites. Make your child do most, or at least some of, this work. —Do the “circuit”: Combine several college visits while in one …
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