Barack Obama 2013 Presidential Inauguration – Complete

The 2013 inauguration of President Barack Obama.

23 thoughts on “Barack Obama 2013 Presidential Inauguration – Complete

  1. Your web page says you are on the team, you have said you are on the team, and the Army does not charge me for calls made from my desk. Isn’t it amazing that whatever career you might have had would be lost because you ran your mouth for just one moment to the wrong person in the wrong place? An officer needs to consider that, before he speaks. .

  2. Please just stop, you call yourself a patriot, but i see otherwise. If you are part of the military: what are you fighting for? Obama is our president, whether you dislike him or not. you see all the wrong our nation has done, but yet you can’t see the good or what good it can do in the future. Stop being an ignorant fool. Sure, our nation and president are not perfect, but we can all learn from our mistakes. If you are going to continue fighting, then i suggest learn what true patriotism is.

  3. Like I said, I never mentioned I was on the team. I do apologize if I have done something to offend anyone, and will fix my actions. I am not yet a service member, but do hope to be one. I was not aware that my actions could prevent me from being one. I am not on the rifle team. Please, do not get one of them in trouble.

  4. Son, there are things an American Service Member does not do; speak disparigingly of the Commander in Chief is one of them. Per the UCMJ, its a felony. A service member does not lie about his service, does not carry himself in an arrogant manner in public. Unless you’ve got something to add., tell you OIC the Assitant S-3 for the 10th Cav will be calling.

  5. What have I done wrong? You would really report me? For doing what, exactly? I would just like to know what I have done so I do not make the mistake again.

  6. I will introduce myself, I’ve already found the webpage for the rifle team so you can stand fast on getting me the number. You may have wanted to be a pilot, but after I print out your comments about civilian leadership and how you carrying yourself in public, after ID’ing yourself as a student of the Citadel, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Being an Officer is not a right, is a privilage. A privilage some are not worthy of.

  7. I’m a male student,16 years old from San Antonio, and I’m appalled of what i’m reading here today. People should be celebrating on the second inauguration of our president, and many are, However there’s many who are fighting, and i really don’t see the reasons why. We live in a free nation built on the hard-work and sacrifice of millions, but we don’t appreciate what we have and was given to us.To those who have besmirched the integrity of the United States, I just hope that you open your eyes.

  8. I would like the name of the rifle teams OIC, and what time I can reach him in the morning. If you see him before I call, please inform a certain Major would like to discuss a member of his unit who is running his mouth on the internet.

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