Barack Obama Rally – Video Screenshot (YouTube)

Barack Obama Rally – Video Screenshot (YouTube)

Image by abbyladybug
Check out this longer video Ith took at the rally on Monday night:

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4 Responses to Barack Obama Rally – Video Screenshot (YouTube)

  1. filmwolf says:

    He often tosses around the word "hope" in his campaign and it’s inspired me to do the same: I HOPE we can make it through the next four years with our sanity and country intact and I HOPE that whoever’s elected isn’t any worse than the President we have now…

  2. abbyladybug says:

    I don’t know your political leanings, but I have to say, I hope that, too. I really, really hope that. I really have faith in one thing – that this man has integrity. That he cares and is going to do his best, and that his best is really good.

  3. filmwolf says:

    abby, let’s just say that I routinely try to vote as a member of the "Lesser Of Two Evils" party… *grin*

  4. OldKing says:

    @filmwolf That’s setting the bar pretty damn low.

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