Baseball/Softball Umpire Classes

Baseball/Softball Umpire Classes
Event on 2015-03-12 18:00:00
The classes will start mid Jan on Thurs(1/15/14) from 6-8 in the Kettering Middle School cafeteria, and goes to the 3rd week in March (3/19/14, when HS scrimmages start). Both baseball and fast pitch softball are held at the same time, different ends of the cafeteria.
Cost is 5 for either class, which includes the cert fee all umpires have to pay yearly to stay certified). Rule books, case book, videos, in class mechanics, assignor visit, equip rep visit, and the live scrimmages which will be shadowed by experienced umpires.
An online, open book final exam with a 75% passing grade makes you a Class II umpire, able to work JV (junior varsity) on down. 2 years experience and passing another online exam, makes you a Class I- able to work Varsity games.
Passing the class gives you the opportunity to work from every night to 1 game a month – its your choice. If a game conflict comes up, you can give up that game. All games are assigned through assignors that contact the local schools, you just give them your open dates.
To register, go to, click on "officiating" button, drop down to "becoming an official", register for the class there.
Any questions call:
Dan O'Bryan- Baseball Class 937-361-8538,
Kerry Noble -Softball Class 937-271-0569,

at kettering middle school cafeteria
3000 glengarry dr
Dayton, United States

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