Basics of Photoshop #04 – Designing a Website

Basics of Photoshop #04 - Designing a Website

Here’s a look at how to mock up a website design in Photoshop.
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17 thoughts on “Basics of Photoshop #04 – Designing a Website

  1. “this was just like how to draw a picture of a website” You are exactly right. This is the design phase. This “picture” now has to be sliced up and sent to dreamweaver. You have to actually build the website using HTML/CSS. HAPPY CODING haha

  2. ummm.. just watched that whole thing… but, it didn’t help. I mean I have a hosted domain, and I copied along with what you did, with my own design and such. but how do I save it so that I can upload it to my cpanel, and how do I make the links functional and so on. this was just like how to draw a picture of a website

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