BASICS: What is Google Adwords? How do you use Google Adwords to get traffic to your web site and to make money online? And just what is Google Adwords anyway? I’ve tried to keep it really simple in this video to help people understand what Adwords is and how it’s used to bring traffic to your website. Get weekly videos about how to make money online and learn how you can live the Internet lifestyle

13 thoughts on “BASICS: What is Google Adwords?

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  2. In order to make money from Adwords, you need to have a product to sell. You can sell your product, or someone else’s, but you need to have something to sell.

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  7. Can you explain to me more what you mean? I thought the whole video was about Adwords… But I’d like to make better videos going forward. Ideas how I could have made this more Adwords specific for you?

  8. Hey! THanks for your comment. Yep… got a little carried away on the example, but the point is valid… with Adwords, you’ve got to be super specific in targeting a visitor/searcher.

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