Basshunter ‘Northern Light’ Basshunter ‘Northern Light’. A3TV was the first EDM TV platform in the world! Broadcasting on various channels from Key West to Palm Beach Florida between 2002 and 2008. A3TV became the now world famous ‘A3 Network’ on youtube with over 800m video views across multiple channels.

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7 Responses to Basshunter ‘Northern Light’

  1. Sergio Aguero says:

    wtf she dies??

  2. TheHakler94 says:

    this song deserve way much than 6711 😀

  3. KarimMarbouh says:

    she is a pornstar ! ^^

  4. yesid castro says:

    I Like !!!!!!!! (Y) 

  5. Владислав Степанюк says:

    It’s cool!!!

  6. David mccracken says:


  7. blink16times says:

    something bad always happens to her

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