Battlefield 3 Top 5 Plays – Episode 10 | Pixel Enemy

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Battlefield 3 Top 5 Plays – Episode 10 | Pixel Enemy

  1. brimervkkristeni says:

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  2. hull11820 says:

    number 1 was chuck norris’s gameplay…pfft 😛

  3. yourdaddy342 says:

    omg! l0l! number 1!

  4. Oggnet Ogg says:

    Watch number 1 over and over :)

  5. marshallshaun25 says:

    Love that sniper shot at number 1

  6. Miner Kraft says:


  7. kourymkianau says:

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  10. ineedhelp554 says:

    shogun 2 music ftw

  11. jonathan malm says:

    you ain’t much better kiddo

  12. jonathan malm says:

    lol haters gonna hate? go back and play CoD instead of wasting your own time by commenting on games you don’t like kiddo

  13. radsidewinder says:

    Actually it’s Protectors of the Earth

  14. Travis Lee says:

    your mean

  15. Travis Lee says:

    and you must be a COD fanboy lol

  16. theagemon5 says:

    0:24 thats called a pack of noobs 😉

  17. freeztyler says:

    after seeing the #1, only word i said was “DDEEEEEYYYMMMMMM”

  18. eustoliayeppingf says:

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  19. Jhaoszero says:

    False. It starts at 0:44, and it’s Protectors of the Earth-Two Steps from Hell

  20. Lizgonnie says:


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