Be Part of Cancer Regimen Awareness Outreach and Build an Income Stream?

Be Part of Cancer Regimen Awareness Outreach and Build an Income Stream?
Event on 2017-05-04 19:30:00
Unique ground-floor opportunity focusing on the management of cancer – the #1 health killer in Singapore… and how you can help to be part of the awareness outreach and at the same time build an income stream, working alongside with the Founder – Singapore's billionaire businessman – and serial online entrepreneur and bestselling author! Why Do You Want To Tap Into This Industry? How Big Is The Health & Wellness Industry? Take a look at what the World Renowned Economist – Paul Zane Pilzer, projected 5 years ago… And indeed, it is a Trillion Dollar Industry, and in fact 3 times larger than the world pharmaceutical industry! In his book, Pilzer explains why the Wellness Industry will soon exceed both the Internet AND the existing Wellness business as the next trillion-dollar opportunity in the United States. Now Here's The Deal For You… You will have a chance to partner with Fabian Lim, founder of ClickEvents and Asia Internet Congress and Author of Bestselling books – Click! Work Anytime Live Anywhere and The Science Of Getting RICH Decoded. You could be among the first to ride this EXCLUSIVE health-related business opportunity, and impacting lives while quietly growing a successful business.These are the 3 main reasons why this business is UNIQUE and PROFITABLE!1. Unique Solution (Cancer Management & Prevention)The are dozens of products you can market today. Many are in the health and beauty niches. But there are none that we are aware of in the cancer management & prevention niche.Understand that cancer is the number one health "killer" in Singapore that affects both men and women. FACT: As many as 2 out of 5 persons in Singapore today can be diagnosed with cancer.So you'll understand why we are excited about the size of this opportunity and the potential of this business.2. Ground-Floor OpportunityThis simply means we are the FIRST people to have the privilege of marketing this business. Otherwise known as 'first mover advantage'. It is somewhat true that the leaders of a business are usually those who took advantage to join early.3. Grow The Business Using Facebook MarketingThere are many businesses one can embark on, but not all businesses are able to fully harness the power of Facebook Marketing.The most powerful use of Facebook Marketing is for online lead generation. Online lead generation is a marketing technique used to gather people with a specific interest to sign up via an online form to register their interest about a specific product or service.So, apart from word-of-mouth referrals, this business is perfectly suited to fully harness Facebook Marketing for online lead generation.Imagine being able to grow and build a PROFITABLE business by simply leveraging the power of Facebook Marketing!  Attend this session with an open-mind. Because health is the new wealth! Click "Register" now! Date & Time: 19 July (Tue) 2016, 7.30pm – 10pm Venue: Esabee Pte Ltd, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Square #08-46, Singapore 409051 SPECIAL BONUSES! FREE 1-Day Facebook Marketing Training conducted by Fabian Lim (Worth SGD900 value) * Learn how to use Facebook Marketing to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. FREE Access to Plug-N-Play Landing Page & Ad Creatives (Worth SGD1997 value) * Powerful and high-conversion online assets. * Model your way to success! FREE Recurring Business Reviews with Fabian Lim (Worth SGD9997 value) * To ensure you are on the right path to GROW YOUR BUSINESS! Continuous Support from a Coach and Mentor (Priceless) * Get help & advice on anything related to the business. * Get support through various channels e.g. WhatsApp, FB messenger, FB group, etc. To secure this special bonus: Register for Free now and attend the event. Sign up for this Business Partnership with Fabian Lim at the event. Wait, There's FREE Gifts To Attend This Event! If you register now and show up, you will get a 2-days trial pack of Fibrena drinks…  This delicious yet effective fibre drink supplement with the great natural blackcurrant taste. Benefits include… Removes toxic impurities from the body system. Promotes healthy digestive system. Encourages healthy bowel movements. Helps to improve the complexion & skin. Helps to strengthen immunity. Reduces stomach bloating. ** This exclusive gift is limited and only available when you REGISTER NOW and show up in the event. Hurry before stocks run out! ** Here Are Just Some Amazing Feedback From Former Cancer Patients… Josephine Low, On cancer. " We got 1 box of the juice and 1 bottle of Th17 and we let him (my father) try it and he enjoys it. He then took 3 treatments of chemo for his lymphoma cancer. After the third treatment he said he didn’t want to go through with chemo anymore. We got him to go through a medical check first to see the reaction to the 3 treatments before we decide. During that time he has been taking the juice and Th17 regularly. He went for the check-up and we were surprised when the doctor said he doesn’t need to continue the treatment. The doctor even asked what we have been giving him. " Mr. Veera Chumsai Na Ayudhaya, 60 years old Stage, 3 Anal and Colon Cancers He had Stage 3 anal and colon cancers in 2011. His CEA reading was 7 ng/ml. He turned down his doctor¡¯s advice to undergo chemotherapy. His CEA rate dropped to 2.9 ng/ml. After consuming Th17 capsules, his energy and strength improved and he ate only fruits, vegetables and avoided all meats. In addition, he prayed and meditated regularly. He no longer shows any signs of illness. Ms. Janjira Prankhet, 45 years old Stage 4 Cervical, Lung and Lymph Node Cancers She had cervical cancer in 2007. Treated by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she stopped undergoing chemotherapy in December 2011 and subsequently suffered a relapse. The cancer had spread to her lungs and lymph nodes. The side effects from chemotherapy were severe. In June 2012, she started taking Th17 Regimen and regained her strength. Her facial colour improved and with the continued use of Th17 Regimen, her overall condition is improving. Even Healthy Individuals Get To Enjoy The Benefits! Shi Lim, Miss Singapore Universe 2013, on General Health & Beauty. “ The team I spoke with didn’t do any hard-selling and they were really patient explaining the benefits of the juice. I decided to try taking the juice for a short period as I wanted to see how my body will take to it. I was a little skeptical since there are so many health supplements in the market. After about 1 month, the one thing I noticed and, honestly, it was my friends who spotted it, they said how great my skin and complexion was. Throughout the entire time, I wasn’t taking anything else. It was just the Th Balance Juice and all I can say is that the juice works. ” Click "Register" now to explore this one-in-a-lifetime business opportunity! See you at the event. Who is Fabian Lim? Fabian is currently Founder & Group CEO of, Southeast Asia's first real-time mobile e-auction platform for consumers to hire local services, and Director of Pte Ltd.Previously a manager with global management consultancy, Deloitte, Fabian turned full-time internet marketer in 2003. Having personally trained over 7,000 graduates in his popular internet marketing training programs in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan, Fabian has mastered the art of teaching COMPLETE NEWBIES and SEASONED MARKETERS alike how to start an online business from the comfort of their home. In the last 7 years, Fabian Lim has helped at least one of his students achieve the dream of becoming an Internet millionaire. In addition, he has helped countless of ordinary people achieve consistent five-figure monthly incomeon the internet while working from home. Fabian also owns and operates numerous online and offline businesses in the following areas: Events management, internet marketing consultancy, wealth education, keyword software & stock trading system development.Fabian has been extensively featured in top news media & publications like: The Sunday Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, Straits Times Razor TV, The Star, New Straits Times, Sin Chew Daily, Wan Pao,, My Paper, UWeekly, The Peak Magazine, Exquisite Magazine, Utusan, Faces Magazine, NTV7 & 8TV. Fabian’s expertise include Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Usability Analysis, Web Analytics, Online Campaign Management and Affiliate Marketing Strategy. Though ClickMedia Pte Ltd, a specialized internet marketing consultancy he founded in 2008, with offices inSingapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA, Fabian has advised clients in the area of internet marketing, including multi-national companies and public sector organizations such as IE Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, Sennheiser, Management Development Institute of Singapore, LunchActually, GPBatteries, Kurnia Insurance, IOI and many others. DISCLAIMER: Please note that the materials here is provided for your general information only. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as any form of health advice. We do not provide opinions on how or what you should or should not be taking, and you should always do your own research and seek professional advice before making any decision. NOTE: We value your privacy. In accordance with the DNC regulations and Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore, by and upon registration for this event, you are consenting to us disclosing your personal particulars to Esabee Pte Ltd and ClickEvents Pte Ltd who are the organizers of this event, and where necessary, for us, Esabee Pte Ltd and/or ClickEvents Pte Ltd to contact you with regards to your seating reservation(s), arrangement for this event and subsequent follow-ups, and to also contact you after the event to seek your feedback on this event and to contact you on future events organized by us, Esabee Pte Ltd and/or ClickEvents Pte Ltd.

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