Beating Your Competitors in Internet Marketing

Beating Your Competitors in Internet Marketing
An SEO Company makes certain a website has the necessary elements to obtain the highest possible ranking during a Google search. This is how SEO works for a website trying to obtain a high level of traffic, but they also use the best possible words, …
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Building Up High-Converting Keywords and Author Status: James Schramko
Create how-to guides and video demonstrations [because] this is how you drive traffic even to an e-commerce store.” Another way to boost website rankings, states Schramko, is by building up author status. He shares that this can be done by …

Just How Important Is the No. 1 Search Result?
Showing up on the first page of search engine results is crucial to a website's traffic and conversions. Showing up as the … Being ranked high in regards to search results is important, but being number one is and should always be top priority …
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