Beaulieu monkey puzzle

Beaulieu monkey puzzle

Image by treehouse1977
Spot the monkey puzzle.

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4 Responses to Beaulieu monkey puzzle

  1. Robert R&N says:

    You have sparked my interest in this and a bit of history can be found here….. History. I also found this what is the world coming to. H&S gone mad again Now for where this one is……..would it be Exbury Gardens?

  2. treehouse1977 says:

    Exbury is a bit further downstream. The prickly leaves on this tree are unlikely to kill you, but there are a few dead bodies around its base.

  3. Robert R&N says:

    Would it be the lake by Beaulieu Abbey?

  4. treehouse1977 says:

    It would be. The Montagu ‘pet cemetery’ is beneath the tree. IIRC.

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