Beauty Salons and Cosmetologist Now Have Another Avenue to Market Themselves in the Competitive Industry of Cosmetology

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) June 1, 2006

In an industry that is growing rapidly it is important that cosmotology and beauty professionals continue to look for an edge in separating themselves from their competition. Higher Heights Business and Web Development, is focusing their business in the beauty industry and offering internet marketing programs for beauty professionals. It is important for beauty professionals to stay on the cutting edge of marketing their services. Higher Heights offers web designs and marketing programs that will place the professional ahead of the game. Our websites are designed to express the personality of the stylist and the professionalism of the business. Our designes include web hosting, search engine listings, domain name registrations, and a full internet marketing program. The marketing programs focuses on: getting people to your website and then to your salon, promoting your website, and keeping visitors happy. Higher Heights Business and Web Development offers other services such as professional eduation classes in customer service, public speaking, business planning, and utilizing the internet.


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