Become a Global Innovation Fellow in LA, San Fran, & NYC–Register Today

Become a Global Innovation Fellow in LA, San Fran, & NYC–Register Today
Event on 2015-08-11 10:00:00
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to interact with the planet's most innovative organizations and top global change agents? This summer you can find out by registering to be a part of the second annual Global Innovation Fellowship Program.
The Global Innovations Fellows is a first-in-the-world human accelerator program that immerses leading professionals in innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe. Its destinations for 2014
include Los Angeles (3 days), Silicon Valley (2 days), and New York (3 days), plus it expects to visit the top organizations on the planet–places like Facebook, Instagram, Kiva, Code For America, Google, Disney, the United Nations, and many others. It will also hear from the world's top speakers and get their secrets to global success.
This year, you can choose to become a "Global Innovation Fellow" which will enable you to immerse yourself in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and New York for 8 days by hearing from all of the top innovation speakers and touring these region's most innovative organizations. You can also choose to become a "City Innovation Fellow" by immersing yourself in only one or two of the cities of your choice (i.e., LA City Innovation Fellow, San Francisco City Innovation Fellow, New York City Innovation Fellow).

at Junior Achievement Finance Park
6250 Forest Lawn Dr.
Los Angeles, United States

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