Become a Mono for Android NInja — App Development

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21 thoughts on “Become a Mono for Android NInja — App Development

  1. Alternatives for what? Mono is a solution in search of a problem. There was a lot of talk in the beginning about being able to run .net apps under Linux & bringing Windows apps&programmers to Linux via Mono. But none of that ever materialized. All that ever came of it was the Tomboy sticky-note app & Beagle Search, which never really worked. They were superseded by better, faster, less resource hogging alternatives written in languages that are not C#. For Android, use the ADK. It works best.

  2. I wouldn’t have bothered with you if my point was to offend. But because you are part of the XDA, I wanted to draw your attention. What is offensive is your addressing to the very community you expect to listen to you. Beyond code monkeys, I didn’t bother to watch, and trust me, I’m not the only one.

  3. It least your insult was a creative one. =) But please take some comfort in the fact that it was not meant to be offensive, though you sensitivity is noted. 😉

  4. You, and knowing appropriately don’t go in a same sentence, unless with a NOT connection 🙂 It’s just that your self confidence is as great as your ignorance.

  5. Yeah, for sure you’ll gain the interest of the developers by calling them code monkeys. You don’t want to know how I would name you.

  6. Actually, neither Miguel nor Mono are very highly regarded in the OSS world, these days. To the extent that it ever embraced it, the Linux world is moving away from Mono. And Miguel has become a bit of a pariah. But aside from that, I don’t really see where learning C#/Mono from scratch is any easier than learning Java/Android from scratch. It’s hard to make an argument for doing Android in Mono. Android in Python, maybe. But that’s a different audience.

  7. Learning Java from scratch? That’s a good joke, man. The basics are almost identical and the more advanced stuff is related to the platform so it’s going to be different anyway. You are subjecting yourself to multiple levels of abstraction layered over each other that’s going to affect your performance and maintainability for the short term convenience of not spending those few days to catch up with the language.

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