Before Google … Who Knew?

Before Google … Who Knew?
If Google can't answer your question these days, who you gonna call? A librarian, of course. Librarians continue to be cool. On a contemporary TNT series, The Librarians are super heroes. For the past couple of years, "librarian" has popped up on the …
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Google concerned about MPAA's actions
The documents also show the MPAA actively pushing state attorney generals to investigate Google. In one case, a letter sent to Google by a Mississippi state attorney general's office was mostly written by a law firm that represents the MPAA, according …
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Google Seizes on Sony Hacked Docs to Attack MPAA Conspiracy
In an open letter posted to Google's public policy blog, general counsel Kent Walker wrote that he has "serious legal" concerns about the campaign, code-named "Project Goliath," in which he says the MPAA "conspired to achieve SOPA's goals through …
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