Before Launching Your Summer Campaigns for Local Search Marketing this Summer, Keep These Recent Updates in Mind

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

With the recent reports regarding the growth of local search and mobile marketing over 2012 with no signs of slowing down, many local businesses are scrambling to try and leverage these technologies to their advantage. Even a novice can put some work toward improving the chances of a customer finding their local business online. Simply do a search for local search engine optimization online and you will find a variety of sites with easy to follow instructions.

For years, one of the key things to implement with local online marketing was proper setting up and management of a free Google Maps listing. For those who are on the outside looking it, it may come as a surprise that Google Maps are changing. Unveiled earlier this month, in a beta format, Google has a new version of its local maps coming out.

End users seem to be favorable of the changes being made. At first glance, the new map is a little crisper, cleaner. The familiar upside down teardrops are being replaced with new symbols to better represent the business they mark on the map. The colors have changed a bit as well.

One change for local businesses relying on Google Maps to help rank their sites in search engine results is the removal of one key link after the top results are displayed. Previously, a link stating More Results Near could be clicked on to expand the search area and list more than the top few listings on the Google Maps. Google made this change to improve the local search experience.

This change has already been put into effect while others are still to be fully released. Already, with the More link having been removed, it shows those who specialize in internet marketing the continued importance that the most popular search engine is placing on their own social network. Google+ profiles add relevance and weight to search results and companies that fail to properly manage such resources will find themselves being left behind.

Before spending too much time and money on local search marketing techniques, local business owners should work with a marketing firm that can help them diversify their online marketing efforts. It is through this diversification that online marketing campaigns can be successful. Online citations, positive online reviews, and quality content improve a business’ chances of being found by an increasingly more mobile and better educated consumer.

My Local Leads is launching a handful of new projects this year that can help local businesses get the phone to ring. These new service offers allow business owners to focus on specific areas of their online visibilityfrom video marketing to online reputation management. Helping businesses stay with the technology and use techniques that work, My Local Leads believes these new services will provide local business owners the control they need while also improving their profitability.

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