Beginners’ Google for Business

Beginners’ Google for Business
Event on 2015-01-10 10:00:00

So you've heard all about the wonders of Google Plus and you want to participate and find good business prospects.  But it loooks intimidating and time consuming.  This three part training program will get you there quickly and confidently. 

Session 1:  Integrated Tools – Introduction to the browser Google Chrone, account set-up, gmail, calendar, contacts and tasks.  Discover how they all work together for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Session 2:  Google Plus – What are the advantages?  A hands-on walk through the profile set-up, circle formation, commenting & sharing protocol, notificaons, events Communities and Hangouts.

Session #3:  Rules of Engagement – It's all about engagement and relationships!  Explore how to find your tribe in Google Plus. Learn about participation etiquette and the new content marketing approach.  

Three two hour hands on sessions.  Bring your laptop so that you can take home your accomplishment.  Be sure to bring your gmail address and password if you already have an account.

at Progressive Edge Plus Training and Wellness Centre
1555 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, Canada

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