Behati Prinsloo: I Yahoo’d Myself

Namibia-born Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo dishes on making music videos with husband Adam Levine, what’s hiding beneath her engagement ring, and whether or not a pre-Victoria’s…

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4 Responses to Behati Prinsloo: I Yahoo’d Myself

  1. Aslı Erdoğan says:

    why does she implies that she doesnt know jamie

  2. HollywoodCreeper says:

    Hey, she married another horrible jew. He is horrible though. Actually, on my facebook page, in the about me section I wrote, “I hate Maroon 5. I wish everyone in the band would die.” They are so horrible. Fucking horrible. And the guy does Proactive commercials, because he is so oily. Yuck. I mean, what if you married a guy with clear skin that isn’t oily and sucks, and lame enough to cover himself with tattoos, and is white and not Jewish? That seems like a lot better. Someone who isn’t a douche bag.

  3. AlexisEam G says:

    Haters gonna Hate -_______-

  4. Hello bubunectar says:

    love this lady Behotiie

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