Beheading video poses challenge for social media

Beheading video poses challenge for social media
That's because YouTube and Twitter are private websites. They don't have to post anything they don't want to. You'd … in which ideas of every sort are welcomed and debated. And now we have the Internet, the greatest venue for free speech in human …
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British bakery Greggs gets Google bombed
George W. Bush was Google bombed in 2003 after political activist George Johnston urged his followers to post links on other Web sites connecting the phrase “miserable failure” with the president's biography on the White House Web site. It worked. Bush …
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Hacker crew nicks '1.2 billion passwords' – but WHERE did they all come from?
A network of computers quietly hijacked by malware, and controlled from afar by the gang, identified more than 420,000 websites vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, we're told. These unnamed sites were flagged up to the malware's masters, who then …
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