Behind Yahoo’s Tumblr Gamble

Katie Linendoll, Mario Armstrong & Howard Kurtz discuss Yahoo!’s acquisition of the popular blogging site, Tumblr. For more CNN videos, visit our site at htt…
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9 Responses to Behind Yahoo’s Tumblr Gamble

  1. RemoStahl says:

  2. Steven Fleming says:

    Normal news not Dynamic enough? Check out the fresh style on my channel!

  3. hanuyentaman says:

    I thought this was a joke at first because of their vocabulary

  4. LiberalH8er1 says:

    “The High School Drop Out” , i think Howard Kurtz is jelly that David Karp can buy and sell him at the drop of a hat

  5. Huub Hostyn says:


  6. kaneMANonFIRE says: cx

  7. tien hoang says:


  8. ranndino says:

    This makes very little sense. They dumped their share in Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon, that is making money head over fist with a huge upside (only 38% of Chinese have access to Internet now) to buy a company that makes nothing & is just another socnet.

  9. metalheadk93 says:

    Everyone’s a critic…..

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