Beholder Shares How Content Marketing Effects PPC and Organic Searches

(PRWEB) January 28, 2014

All search engines, including Google, will state that adding keyword optimized content on a web page or blog on a regular basis will help. If you are found high in the organic or regular search results, this will also help your PPC ad performance (and might even lower your rate).

But heres where content marketing helps even more. If youre going to continue with a PPC campaign, your brand will stand out because people will more likely see both the ad and the regular link. And more often, they click the organic one (saving you money).

While the term content marketing is fairly new, the actual services may vary from agency to agency. True content marketing is when you generate, create & share blogs, articles, infographics, images, videos and other forms of digital communication specifically about you and your company, on a consistent basis. Its a great opportunity to integrate your brand with information that will help your audience.

Content sharing is when you use someone elses content and share it across social media platforms or your blog. Depending upon your marketing goals, you will have to decide whether you want content marketing or use only content sharing techniques.

Why is content marketing important, especially as it relates to PPC or Organic searches?

Simple are you trying to increase your brand credibility and increase your lead generation opportunities directly to your website? Or are you trying to increase your personal power of influence and integrate your name into the sea of other experts, directing your followers to another website?

The first scenario means you are the expert and people are driven to your site because of your content. The second scenario means you are commenting or sharing someone elses content that was made specifically for another purpose not your own.

In our opinion Be the publisher! Be the creator of your own content and experience the true benefits of a content marketing plan. Yet, you should also be a power of influence with comments or shares via social media giving them links to content they can refer to thats also yours. Let others share your information and improve your brand exposure while generating interest of your own doing (or that an agency would create on your behalf). Increasing the amount of content you post and share gives you an advantage and tremendously helps your search efforts.

Heres my last tip: If youre not able to commit the time, energy or effort to creating your own content, partner with a content marketing agency that actually produces new content; not a company thats just learning how to create content or worse, repurposes old content for you.

Make sure they do the following:

1. Evaluate your needs and have access to back-end search data,

2. Develop a Strategy and Plan including an Editorial Calendar,

3. Create your Content, including your blogs, articles, graphics, videos and more,

4. Share your content across multiple social media platforms and PR opportunities, and

5. Measure regularly to ensure your moving towards your content marketing goals.

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