Beijing International Studies University

Beijing International Studies University
It also has the Institute for Transcultural Studies and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Institute for higher education that is multi-level and-purpose based. The university offers 18 special undergraduate programs, in English, Japanese …
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Swearing with style
The last six months alone have seen the release of two academic tomes, both from the University of California: Assholes: A Theory, by philosophy professor Aaron James, and Ascent of the A-Word: Assholism, the First Sixty Years, by linguistics professor …
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Is French immersion a better choice for my son than Mandarin classes?
That said, learning one other language can make it easier to learn more down the road. “Cognitively, it makes sense that learning a third language would be easier,” said Maria Cristina Cuervo, an associate professor of Spanish and linguistics at the …
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