Believe in better

Believe in better

Image by minipixel
Spot the difference.

I was fiddling about with Tineye (which is great) , the other day when I came across this…

Very cheeky!
This photo has a Creative Commons licence (Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivative works). No permission was sought or granted for usage.
If anyone happens to have a copy of this ad, please let me know. It may be from the Sky TV guide from Halloween 2009 at a guess.


Sky ad

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6 Responses to Believe in better

  1. JustSomePunter says:

    Oooooh, not cool Sky. Not cool at all. That’s very cheeky indeed.

  2. kthompo says:

    Maybe 2007? That’s not on at all….

  3. evilemsplem says:

    !! The nasty greedy thieves. Sue their money-grubbing arses!

  4. Girlabroad says:

    Oh, I don’t know, they didn’t tweak the image, they gave full and clear attribution, and it’s not as if Sky is a commercial endeavour. Oh wait…

  5. Junap says:

    Rupert Murdoch stole your IP! The ironing is delicious.

  6. spacehop says:

    Im confused. did you make this pumkininwumkin? and sky stole it? jeeeeeeeeeeeez. I’ve never used a camera before, I have an GCSE in Geography.

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