below / above

below / above

Image by Stathis Stavrianos (Stathis_1980)

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11 Responses to below / above

  1. Stathis Tzouvaras says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Greek Photographers, and we’d love to have this added to the group! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. stephmel says:

    wonderful work, Stathi!

  3. Stathis Stavrianos (Stathis_1980) says:

    thank you…!!!

  4. fragitsa says:

    beautiful :))

  5. lydia63 says:

    magnifique bravo !

  6. Pavlos Pavlidis says:


  7. para∫ite says:

    man! i missed these…

  8. magic fly paula says:

    so cool!

  9. Stathis Stavrianos (Stathis_1980) says:

    thanx guys….!!!!

  10. stelio B  says:

    wow, this is so nice. love this mood…

  11. paulo zapella says:

    that’s great, dude

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