Benefit from Internet & Generate Customers

Benefit from Internet & Generate Customers
Event on 2013-09-17 12:00:00

We noticed that there is a lot of noise regarding Internet and how a business can benefit from it.

Maybe this is due to marketing or sales approaches talking with technical terms, terms that people are not fully aware of.

Our seminar explains what options are really available, what we should be conscious and simple steps we can follow to gain results out of the vast Internet.

We hope that at the end of our seminar, it will be far more easy to realize some of the myths associated with Internet marketing and promotion and why we should focus on the actual context of our website as your main priority.


  • Welcome Introduction
  • Myth Busting
    • Directory Listing Busted
    • Search Engine Optimization Myths
    • Social Networking and real facts
    • Web Traffic versus Actual Conversions
    • Instant Success Myth
  • The Importance of Web Presence
    • Involve your users and focus on actions
  • Key factors for an Effective Web presence
    • Clear and to the point Layout
    • Rely on context, explain the value of your products/services
    • Keep your website up-to-date
    • Build relathionships
  • Add value to your users, ensure they benefit from your website
    • Add a blog section, an activity/news calendar
    • Provide advice, suggestions and answers to common Questions
    • Use News Feeds relevant to your Business 
    • Create an open Facebook Page, share your experience
  • How to involve your users?
  • Conclusion – Summary – Questions

at Bradford Chamber Exchange
Devere House
Bradford, United Kingdom

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