Benjamin Marc Proudly Announces Addition of Managed Pay Per Click Marketing to Array of Services Offered

Nesconset, New York (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

Benjamin Marc, the premier provider of web design, SEO, graphic design and printing services to the Long Island community, is proud to announce the addition of Managed Pay Per Click or PPC marketing service to their clients on Long Island and throughout the Metro-New York region.

Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC has been around for over a decade but only came into serious use when Google introduced their Adwords service in 2000. It has since grown to become a serious marketing tool used by companies in a variety of vertical markets. Since AdWords launched, it has been joined by similar services offered by Yahoo! (Yahoo! Search Marketing) and Microsoft (adCenter). Even social media giant Facebook offers Pay Per Click Advertising in their site and Twitter has recently begun offering a similar service whereby tweets can be targeted using similar demographic and geographic criteria as defined by the advertiser.

What has made Pay Per Click Marketing so advantageous for business large and small is that it allows them to target ads at specific website users based on a variety of criteria. The most basic targeting criteria in the search engine based services are a set of keywords and terms that are identified by the advertiser as words that would be associated with whatever they are advertising. The next set of criteria that can be used in both search engine services and those offered on Facebook are geographic criteria such as country, state, city and even zip code. On the demographics side, where offered, users can be targeted by such criteria as location, age, gender, interests, language, education & more. The Twitter offering allows for both demographic and geographic but also target followers of certain companies and celebrities.

Benjamin Marc, in offering the management of Pay Per Click Marketing, helps to relieve their customers of the day to day monitoring of the campaigns which can be time consuming. Based on customer goals and needs, the team at Benjamin Marc will monitor campaigns, run A/B tests in ads to determine best ad format for the goals that have been set, and monitor the budgets to ensure that the best return on investment is realized by the client. They can also advise on how to best position the advertisement in terms of which days of the week the ad will be live as well as what times during the day. By monitoring the activity of the ad and then adjusting when the ad will be live to capture the greatest number of eyes, Benjamin Marc will allow their clients to be in the best possible position to attract new business.

Long Island Web Designers, Benjamin Marc is a full-service website design and marketing Development Company that caterers to businesses located in Suffolk County & Nassau County, New York. Specializing in the design, development, and maintenance of websites, our talented, creative, and detailed-oriented staff of designers can take any idea and transform it into a fully functioning website. With expertise in revitalizing existing websites making them look fresh and unique, we can provide our clients with new opportunities to generate new business. A full-service company, Benjamin Marc encompasses a wide array of additional services including logo design, mobile website design, content creation and any other design requests our client may have. Additionally, we offer printing services for a wide variety of purposes, screen printing for promotional apparel as well as promotional products for any variety of uses. To round out the marketing services offered to our client, we also provide direct mail marketing and video marketing services. Benjamin Marc can be reached online through their website at or by phone at 631.334.4359.

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