Berrett Pest Control Announces Expansion of Service Areas to Include Houston and Denver


Mesa, AZ; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 15, 2013 — Berrett Pest Control has enlisted the assistance of PageViews Interactive LLC to announce its expansion into two major markets. Already a fixture in the fight against bed bugs and other pests in Richardson, Texas, Berrett experts now also have a presence in Houston, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado. The latter location opens the door for Denver pest control customers searching for a solution to the pests invading their homes from nearby fields and mountains.

It is interesting to note that Berrett broke into the pest control business in California. A state plagued by invasive termites and dangerous bees and spiders, a subsequent move across the stateliness allowed the company to become the Dallas and Houston pest control experts to call in emergencies and for routine home protection appointments. Berretts qualified pest control experts are familiar with animal behavior commonly found in hot weather climates. Expanding into Colorado now means adding experts who are familiar with the cold weather pests and their behavioral patterns as well.

All of Berrett Pest Controls treatments are 100% guaranteed. Therefore, if bugs ever pop up between regular treatments we will return and service the home absolutely free of charge, the company owner commits to customers wondering about the efficacy of wet weather treatments. Since Colorado is notorious for its quickly changing climate, the company understands that it must prove its expertise as well as its customer service commitment to would-be consumers. Since the companys owners receive the same types of pest control treatments at their homes as their customers can expect to receive at theirs, there is little doubt that Berrett Pest Control will quickly become a heavy hitter in the Denver pest control market.

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About Berrett Pest Control

The already established Houston pest control protocols include yard treatments for fire ants and the use of insecticidal dust inside weep holes. Berrett Pest Control routinely includes property inspections and eave sweeps at all service locations. Depending on the consumers needs, the pest control experts use barrier granules around the foundation, fence line perimeter sprays and wall injections of applicable insecticides to resolve pest problems during the first appointment. Call Berrett at 214-424-4800 or visit the companys website at

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