BERTI RT-1 Robotic Torso

BERTI, a fully automated Robotic Torso, goes through his paces prior to appearing at the Science Museum during February 2009. More details at Video credit: BERTI is a joint project between Elumotion (hardware and low level control) and BRL (movement/high level control).
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19 thoughts on “BERTI RT-1 Robotic Torso

  1. Computers will never match the human brain, maybe in terms of computing speed but that’s all. It’s the brains ability to create problems and scenarios where there weren’t any and then solve them that makes it so remarkable. A computer couldn’t compose a song or propose a new theory in physics. They can only help us solve the problems that WE create. Maybe a computer can figure out cold fusion, but it couldn’t propose the idea.

  2. Hi. Aprox by the year 2020 a laptop will reach the human brain potential for processing data which means that there is a huge market waiting for hundreds of billions dollars to be sold or invested in humanoid robots and intelligent systems. It is the beginning of the bigger industry in human history. Search on Google luisbeck007 you will find the most complete humanoid robot list in the World, good information and interesting issues.

  3. Robots are far from autonomy but they are very useful now by remote. Already with biological technology growing very rapidly we will see cyborgs before autonomous robots and cyborgs would most likely be more useful and efficient.

  4. actually, you have right that more people need in schinece for thoes mentioned areas and other biological stuff. just the schoolar (??) system is bad, att it.

  5. Brilliant, a 500 million pound sophisticated & technologically advanced robot that looks like it was designed to give hand jobs. Still, I could probably put a wig on it, smear some lipstick across it’s face and change it’s voice to Microsoft Vicky, and have a whale of a time.

  6. They already have robots that can go through buildings all alone and distiniguish between people and races as well as tell the mood of people….(if they are a terrorist). Rc swarms of flying vehicles are starting to be used by terrorists. The technology is there……now its just who makes the first move. We will see robots used in war. Once the government does this.. research in robotics will boom. And so will their use in home. Say hello to the robotics boom. I’d say 5 years max.

  7. The robotic frat boy, watch as it also laughs at it’s own farts, lets others slap and punch him to look tough, wears pink shirts to look cool, and hazes a roomba.

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