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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Keeping up to date on developments in the ever-evolving technology and electronics markets has been a challenge for the airline industry since its early days. Staying on top of those changes is even more important in the competitive business traveler market. First-class and business travelers expect the very latest electronics and entertainment systems in the air, at home and at work. They especially depend upon those amenities while traveling. As a result, the major air carriers have had to stay abreast of electronic innovations in order to bring the newest and best entertainment systems to their passengers. To create the best in-flight experience, airlines are compelled to provide systems that feel familiar to passengers but offer a few additional “upgrades” that travelers may not have in their own entertainment systems.

The best airline entertainment offerings for business class travelers are listed by the travel experts at Julia Graft, PR manager for I Fly First Class, says they ranked the airlines that offer superior in-flight entertainment systems because it demonstrates how willing an airline is to cater to its passengers’ needs.

At the No. 1 spot is Virgin Atlantic, with its recently revealed Upper Class Suites. The revolutionary systems offer a 12-inch touchpad handset and monitor powered by Virgin’s own system, called JAM. The new system enables travelers to hook their devices into the JAM system to view their own personal media. Graft says Virgin Atlantic excels in creating an outstanding customer experience and spares no expense in providing travelers with what they want and need.

In second place is Singapore Airlines, with its newer, wide-body airplanes that feature the most up-to-date technology. Graft points to Singapore Airlines’ unique entertainment options, including interactive remotes that control vivid LCD monitors at each seat and the availability of top-of-the-line noise-canceling headphones. EX2 debuted its new entertainment system on Singapore Airlines, which was the first to offer 3D games. Business class travelers can use Singapore’s system to explore their destination cities and stay updated on the news of the day.

Third place goes to Dubai’s Emirates airline, which boasts the newest fleet anywhere. Each airplane offers the most advanced entertainment systems, including a touchscreen remote that controls a large monitor and accesses more than 1,000 movie, television, music and game channels.

Below is the ranked list of the airlines with the best in-flight entertainment modules:

1. Virgin Atlantic

2. Singapore Airlines

3. Emirates

4. Qatar Airways

5. Cathay Pacific Airways

6. Delta Airlines

7. Etihad Airways

8. Qantas Airlines

9. Virgin Australia

10. Turkish Airlines

Julia Graft, PR Manager

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