Best Apps – Songza For Android – Awesome Music App!!

Songza has got to be one of the most unique music streaming apps i have ever had the pleasure of coming across. This is a must download guys! Google+: Twitter: Facebook: Tell us what you think in the comments below. Click “Like” and “Add to… Favorites” if you like this video!

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13 Responses to Best Apps – Songza For Android – Awesome Music App!!

  1. TheSmokingAndroid says:

    cheers, thank you =)

  2. KikoBG12 says:

    Very nice channel ! Cool android stuff =)

  3. TheSmokingAndroid says:

    at the moment, i am running Super Nexus Rom

  4. simen Jensen says:

    Which rom do you use? :-)

  5. wwjoshdew says:

    0:32 I STILL say that and forever will!

  6. xXCustomGamerHDXx says:

    androidz for eva!

  7. tobedetermined3 says:

    Songza is dope! its a fun fresh replacement to pandora, it may have a few bugs but theres some great great stuff on there.

  8. riversideresident29 says:

    Spotify is way better! I had Songza before it and it would stream a song and it would stop playing mid song.

  9. Bobby Edwards says:

    i love this app, i wish it had more playlist though

  10. TheSmokingAndroid says:

    that sucks! for me, its been pretty good actually. maybe its better for certain genre’s…i dunno, but it is working pretty good =)

  11. SlashRose says:

    PS: Dr. Nick says “Hi, everybody” not “hey,” lol. On a side note, I wish they’d let the franchise die already. It is past the point of fading out in dignity, but my childhood still thinks it deserves to at least a fairly painless cancellation. Really, Fox. Please. Sorry for the rant, lol.

  12. SlashRose says:

    I tried this app about 3-4 weeks ago, and I know it’s been updated since then, but when I tried it, the music matching was ATROCIOUS. I think Pandora does a mediocre to terrible job, usually. Services such as are similar or worse, but Songza took the cake for worst. I asked it to create a list with artists similar to Florence + the Machine, and after skipping through at least 3-5 songs, I gave up. I would never listen to any of these bands, or consider them similar. This app was a waste.

  13. salx101 says:

    I had this app for a while now and love it

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