Best Google Maps Street View Funny Moments Compilation 2014

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13 thoughts on “Best Google Maps Street View Funny Moments Compilation 2014

  1. It’s amazing how much humans are like chimpanzees, the illogical behavior, if I was a visitor to earth I wouldn’t bother coming back, I saw absolutely nothing remarkable about people. It’s pretty sad, i’m just stopping now cause I don’t have anything good after observing, “humans in their natural habitat”

  2. From this video it appears most of the world lives in poverty with hookers and petty theft all around. Two-thirds of the photos could have been eliminated to create a decent video and not waste the viewers’ time. 

  3. “Funny Moments”? … Really?? — Where??? Almost every image fits into one of the following categories … (1) People being stupid/immature such as ‘mooning’ or ‘giving the bird’ (2) Unpleasant situations such as crashes, hurt/collapsed people, stuck animals or people being arrested etc (3) Unusual outfits, buildings or other objects — or apparent prostitutes waiting for customers (4) Cool shots such as killer whale jumping (Sea World maybe?) or a flying monarch butterfly Can’t say I saw any more than ONE image that got a slight chuckle out of me. Also — the thumbnail for this video — isn’t in the video (at least I didn’t see it).

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