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14 Responses to BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012

  1. thelooppop says:

    /watch?v=kG1CBl54peY this video is hotter, I think

  2. kpmanschannel says:

    What’s that thing on the girl’s lap at 6:28?

  3. SpeedyVette84 says:

    School Work? Ain’t nobody got time for dat

  4. qwerty uiop says:

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  5. oreo87 says:

    lol wat the fuck are we doin here lol 

  6. zenamy87 says:

    6-29 wtf was that?

  7. sprizzo92 says:

    “Keilbasa…my buttcheeks is warm!”

  8. youthunter says:

    6:28…..  haha

  9. Jessica Perez says:


  10. Malcolm Pagett says:

    I think she’s the kind of person who doesn’t like to settle with just one person.

  11. Tanglefoot3 says:

    The vacuum cleaner man, he’s seen my tits – WTF??

  12. MasterPharaoh says:

    so i guess…all black people look the same …

  13. MrSmlie96 says:

    5:31 Sp00n!

  14. irishfella1000 says:

    tits start at 6:35 B-)

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