Best of 2012: Round of the Year Nominees

Here are the nominees for “Round of the Year”: • Pacquiao – Marquez 4 – Round 5: • Rios – Alvarado – Round 5: • Chavez – Martínez – Round 12: • Lopez – Salido 2 – Round 9: From the thrilling final round of Chavez Jr.-Martinez to the tremendous fifth round of Pacquiao-Marquez, here are 2012’s nominees for Round of the Year. Vote by visiting: or
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17 thoughts on “Best of 2012: Round of the Year Nominees

  1. I became a permanent Manny fan because of this fight (Marquez is one of my favourite fighters). He was willing to put his career on the line for this fight, chasing a decisive result for the fans, taking chances and being hyper aggressive against the greatest counter-puncher of this era.

  2. God please somebody download just the 5th round of the Alvarado Rios fight….That is the round of the year…….Shit Rios isnt human with that chin……

  3. Only people who are a big big Pacquiao fan would come up with that excuse.. I mean i am a big fan of him but what would you expect when you ran into a guy’s glove. That creates so much force. Don’t get me wrong, Pacquiao first knock down in the fight was a great shot but it was not as much force as the KO.

  4. you’re the one who sucks dick TOmmy. how could he show pacquiao dropping? thats round 5, not round 6.. that round is the round where pacquiao is totally dominating marquez.. and thats the most explosive and exciting round of the year.

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