Best of Google Maps “Street View”

If anyone is interested we’re also going to discuss these images on an upcoming episode of my podcast, “Wicked Happy Fun Time”.…
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  1. This is cool !!! An 8 year old boy invented a virtual earth navigation mouse out of parts from a broken cell phone that would work well with this app. It has touch technology and voice recognition! Copy text below and paste it in your search window. He’s the kid holding the blue sphere. ? ? …………. ” 8 year old boy amazes, M.I.T. tech ” ………………

  2. Correction- They are North Americans, and that was my whole point thanks. And yes there is a difference between American and North American incase that’s confusing.

  3. OF COURSE! In the same way Chinese and Indian people are Asian. They are countries inside of larger land masses called continents. If you live in a continent (as everyone does) you are part of that continent and the country dos not affect that. Example: Mexicans and Canadians are American because they live in North America. Common sense.

  4. I live in Pittsburgh and had no idea it was this interesting. However, Google does have offices here, so it’s possible that word gets out when they’re gonna be on the road.

  5. I have nothing better to do as far as Im concerned everyone on the internet is my friend because I usually get a response, positive or negative… like you its someone to talk to in a lonely world.

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